Advent and Christmas

With the First Sunday of Advent we begun the new Liturgical Year (This is Year B, II). The expected coming of Christ is the most joyful season of the Year.

Advent contains four Sundays, and the last (the Fourth Sunday) is also the Vigil Day of Nativity of Christ. This accumulation of festivities results in an unusual situation with our normal liturgical calendar.

Our plans for Christmas are:

Saturday, 23rd December
Salcombe: 5pm

Sunday, 24th December
Totnes:  9.30am
Kingsbridge: 11.30am

Advent ends….

Christmas begins…..

Sunday, 24th December
Salcombe: 5pm (Vigil of Christmas)
Kingsbridge: 7pm (Vigil of Christmas)
Totnes: 9pm   (Vigil of Christmas)

Monday, 25th December
Totnes: 9.30am
Kingsbridge: 11.30am 

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